Treatment Results

Osteopathic Healing Hands Team | December 11, 2020

Treatment Results

I wanted to discuss with you all a common question that I get from many of patients...

It would be, “would the areas that you’re treating tighten back up after treatment”? The answer is… everybody responds differently to osteopathic treatment, and it depends upon what you have going on. If you had something bothering you for a week or two, that is more of an acute issue. When we treat you, you’re a lot more likely to have it resolve faster, and not come back. If it has been going on for a very long time, many weeks, months, years, then your body has stored these patterns in your body and it takes time to work through those different layers. Sometimes it will take people longer to work resolve those issues.

Commonly I’ll hear, “oh I felt better”, then it will come back… and sometimes I’ll hear, “oh I felt sore a day or two after treatment and then I started feeling better and better”. When you feel sore afterwards, that’s called a treatment reaction, it’s because when we release tissues that have been constricted, or stuck in a certain place for a long time, then we release them, it’s like losing toxins in an area. It’s kind of like doing a work out in a long time, and when you feel sore, when you start getting back into things, and as those toxins flush through your system, that is what causes soreness. What I recommend to my patients is to drink lots and lots of water that helps flush out the kidneys faster. Another common question is, “how many treatments would I need”?.. Again that is also going to vary on how or what your issues are, such as if you had a lot of trauma in the past, or you had a certain injury, it is easier to determine how many treatments you’ll need based on how you respond to the first treatment. It is a variable answer.

Osteopathic Healing Hands Team

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