• Can you relate to any of these?
  • Osteopathy for babies
  • Breastfeeding issues?
  • Tongue and Lip Ties
  • Is your baby having difficulty latching on properly?
  • Have you been feeling helpless watching your child cry due to his/her inability to breastfeed? 
  • Do you secretly feel like you have failed as a woman, trying everything to coax your baby to feed from your breast but have not succeeded? 

These are all thoughts and questions that can start flying around a mother’s mind that is experiencing trouble breastfeeding. 

Can I share a secret? 

I have come to realize breast is best, until it’s not. Some women aren’t able to breastfeed their infants and it’s not their fault.  I would have tried anything that could have helped me breastfeed. 

I know first hand the stress and pressure of pregnancy and postpartum issues.  All the years of my medical training did not help prepare me to fully comprehend that breastfeeding was HARD.   Everything I read and studied throughout medical school and residency talked about all the benefits.  I thought I was a failure by not being able to feed my first child through exclusive breastfeeding.  With my second, I thought my nipples were going to fall off.  I tried nipple creams, prescription creams, all kinds of things.  But my osteopathic mentor wasn’t near me to help treat my baby and me osteopathically.  Ultimately I settled for exclusive pumping.  I pumped 7 times a day for 11 months!  My life revolved around pumping!  But I was determined to give my baby breastmilk.     

Looking back I have so much compassion for women wanting this and wish to share with you that it isn’t your fault.  You didn’t fail as a mother or a woman.  Thankfully, my harrowing journey has resulted in two healthy children.

This is just like Lisa.  She had a similar journey and also had a hard time breastfeeding her daughter.  You see, her husband actually reached out to us because she was struggling.  Just like many of our parents, he was looking for anything that could help.  Thankfully it turned out to be a simple compression of the skull on the infant caused during delivery, a common birth trauma that is treatable naturally with osteopathic manipulative treatment. 

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One focus in my osteopathic treatments is correcting anatomical dysfunction to allow for better function. For example, one of the bones at the base of the skull is called the occiput. In newborns, the occiput is in 4 different parts, and one of the cranial nerves, called the hypoglossal nerve, travels between these parts. The hypoglossal nerve’s purpose is to help with the sucking reflex. 

Now, if you imagine a traumatic birth experience where the bones of the occiput squished this nerve, then the sucking reflex of the newborn would not be as strong or work as well as when the nerve wasn’t being squished. My job would be to help restore the bones to where they’re supposed to be so it takes pressure off this nerve and the baby can have an easier time latching and sucking on the nipple.

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Why do I have breastfeeding issues?

Breastfeeding is a critical stage in a newborn child’s development. It plays a major role in long-term health protection, disease-prevention, overall development and psychological attachment of the child to the mother. 

Breastfeeding is considered the most economical and effective method of weaning your child out of the secure environment of your womb to a more challenging external environment. However, difficult deliveries and long labor can put the baby under a lot of stress as they are twisted, compressed or stuck in one position for a long time. C-sections and having to spend time in the NICU may separate the mother and child during a critical time. Extreme tension can be difficult to deal with and present as difficulty in breastfeeding (latching or sucking). 

The latch may be painful, shallow, “bitey,” “chompy.” There could be issues with transferring enough milk from the breast to the baby, which may lead to concerns of weight loss or not enough weight gain.  Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) has been helpful in dealing with these breastfeeding issues.

A lot of breast-feeding issues arise from the trauma of giving birth. The baby’s bones of the skull are designed to be as free as possible to allow for the passage through the birth canal. Sometimes the bones can get stuck, which will affect the nerves that play a major role in breastfeeding. 

Studies have shown:

  • Osteopathic manipulative techniques are useful in breastfeeding problems.
  • OMT helped improve nipple-feeding skills in premature infants with nipple feeding dysfunction.
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Sometimes there is a physical restriction of the lip and/or tongue that prevents the baby from forming the proper suction and tongue movements required during breastfeeding.  You may notice this as clicking while feeding.  

Not maintaining proper suction can lead to swallowing more air than necessary, which can manifest as discomfort, gassiness, fussiness, popping off the breast repeatedly.  Having a team to work with you on achieving your breastfeeding goals is ideal: an osteopathic doctor to address those restrictions mentioned above and help with the healing process if a tongue/lip tie revision is needed, a lactation consultant, a pediatrician specializing in breastfeeding medicine/pediatric ENT/dentist, and sometimes a speech/language pathologist.  

The movements of the tongue and mouth are vital not only in feeding but in speech development as well.  If your baby does require a revision, it is important to have osteopathic treatment before and after the revision to achieve the best results and aid in recovery.

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But is putting yourself first really that selfish? I understand first hand how difficult it can be to ask for help. Many of my pregnant patients feel this way too. I have found that when I am better taking care of myself, I am better able to care for others. I have so many moms who bring me their child first and tell me, “I wish I knew about you when I was pregnant.” YOU are important. You DESERVE to have your needs addressed too!

My personal experiences as a mom and osteopathic physician are why I love providing help and hope, supporting you through YOUR story during these emotional times. Your journey and obstacles are understood and accepted. Imagine if life were different and you were able to get back to what you love?  

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